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How to decide on up a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard in MW3 Zombies


The Act A person mission named “Interceptor” in Contact of Obligation MW3 Zombies requires you to remove a Mercenary Convoy and then choose up the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard that the enemies leave behind. Although this appears very simple enough in theory, it has confirmed particularly tough for numerous players.

The precise mission by itself is not complicated, as all you have to have to do is uncover a Mercenary Convoy, eradicate all of them, and then choose up a keycard from the ground. It seems the Interceptor mission is bugged, while, as I can validate that selecting up the keycard does not often total the mission. Alternatively, the mission goal stays incomplete, forcing you to repeat the full approach above again.

In the information under, I’ll go more than how I was ready to total the Interceptor mission in MW3 Zombies and the trick to selecting up the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard.

Initially and foremost, you need to have to make sure you are discovering an genuine Mercenary Convoy. This is marked on your map as 3 purple motor vehicles passing by or parked in an place. If you obtain the 3 red automobiles on your map, commence capturing at the enemy AI and do away with all of them right before making an attempt to loot any keycard.

With the Mercenary Convoy eliminated, you can begin seeking for the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard. A lot more frequently than not, the keycard will be lying on the ground next to just one of the quite a few guns that the enemies drop when they die. The Mercenary Stronghold Keycard is a blue rarity item, so it should really be fairly simple to identify.

When you come across the keycard, make sure you have an open up place in your Rucksack. If you do not and you have to switch an item to suit the keycard, the goal will not depend and the Interceptor mission will not be marked as comprehensive. With an open up place in your Rucksack, decide up and stow the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard.

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It’s a fifty/fifty shot regardless of whether this performs or not. For me, I recurring this approach 5 diverse situations ahead of it eventually counted and I was in a position to full the Interceptor mission. The only way to make certain it may perform is having an open place in your Rucksack. Other than that, you have to hope that the zombie gods are on your facet and selecting up the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard counts for your mission aim.

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